Boston Manor to Hammersmith


The walk soon enters the interesting Boston Manor Park. From there is a short attractive walk along the Grand Union Canal to Brentford Gauging Locks. The walk then goes along the Thames Path before entering Chiswick Park Gardens. An extended circuit of the park shows off the charm of this often ignored jewel of London. The walk finishes with another beautiful stretch of the Thames Path before finishing at Hammersmith

Turn right on leaving Boston Manor tube and turn right into Boston Gardens. At junction turn left still in Boston Gardens. Continue to just before junction and turn right into Boston Manor Park. Continue to right of lake to pass Boston Manor House on left to reach tennis court on right. Take path to right of tennis court. Turn right on path behind tennis court and join path from left to reach lake on right. Take nature trail on left and take right fork. Continue with river on right to cross under flyover. Take path opposite which emerges in a clearing. Continue along grass track in same direction to reach bridge in corner of park.

Cross bridge over Grand Union Canal. Turn left and enjoy pleasant walk along canal to reach Brentford Gauging Locks. Cross bridge on right over lock and pass toll centre (contains information boards on the history of the locks) and exit locks and reach Brentford High Street opposite Magpie and Crown PH. Normally there is a path to left of the pub which leads to the Thames Path but this is currently closed (May 2017) due to the redevelopment of Brentford Waterside.

Cross road and turn left. Just before Heidelberg building turn right by Thames Path sign. Pass Brentford boat repair yard and Thames Lock on right. Follow Thames Path signs around moorings and pass Pappadums bar on left. At end turn left to rejoin Brentford High Street and turn right.

Turn right at Thames Path sign and go through blue gates on left. Turn left by river and go up steps and follow alongside Thames path an amazing array of boats (some of which could be wrecks). Rejoin high street and turn right and in ten yards turn right at sign to the hollows and continue along Thames Path passing “One over the Ait” PH on left to reach Kew Bridge. Take path under bridge ahead and continue along Thames Path. Go under railway bridge and pass riverside pubs at Strand On The Green. Take left fork along Grove Park Road (leaving Thames Path). At junction turn left along Park Road. Take road on left (red brick walls) over railway line and go down steps on right. Turn left and take Lawford Road on right. At junction turn left along Park Road. Enter Chiswick Park Gardens on right.

Take path on left around lake and take left fork to reach cricket field on right. Go around rear of pavilion and take path on right. Path emerges near obelisk. Take path on right uphill. Take path on left down steps. Turn left to pass cascade. Take path on right passing rear views of Chiswick House and the Ionic temple. Reach and cross bridge on left.

Take first path on right alongside lake passing amphitheatre (including Ionic temple and obelisk) on right (concerts take place here in summer).  The path emerges at the patte d’oi (or goose foot) where there are three avenues which each terminate at a building acting as a focal point. Take middle path towards Venetian window. Take path on right through woods alongside wire fence on left. Just before crossing metalled track turn path on left. Turn right on track to reach rustic house (this contains copy of bust of Napoleon). Turn right and take left track through gap in yew hedge. Reach Doric column and turn right to reach Deer House and then turn right again to reach Exedra (containing copies of 3 Roman statues originally thought by Lord Burlington to be Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Cicero).

Go down main drive to reach Chiswick House. At house turn right to go around building and go along driveway lined by terms and exit through entrance guarded by pair of sphinxes. Turn left and go between cafeteria and children’s playground. Take path on left towards conservatory. Do a circuit around the outside path and take path on left to pass sundial. At junction turn left and take first path on right to reach metalled track. Turn left and exit Chiswick Park Gardens through gate.

Turn left and cross road at traffic lights. Turn right and turn left along Corney Road. At roundabout turn along Corney Reach Way and turn left at river to go along footpath by river. The footpath ends by, turning left away from the river and exiting through a gate towards Chiswick Parish Church.  Turn right along Chiswick Mail. At Black Lion Pub turn right to continue along Thames Path passing Dove pub before entering Furnival Gardens. Continue on main path and leave gardens on left to reach Great West Road. Use subway on left to cross road and continue along Macbeth Street to reach King Street. Cross road at traffic lights to reach Plough and Harrow PH (Wetherspoons). Turn right along King Street eventually passing William Morris PH (Wetherspoons)  to reach Hammersmith Station (Metropolitan and Circle line)  and by crossing Hammersmith Broadway reaching Hammersmith Station (Piccadilly and District lines)