Latest progress of website


Route Section

A menu option has been added for the London Parks Way Map. This contains the route using a GPX file on an online map provided by OS OpenSpace. The route has been displayed on 16 JPEG files. an additional 2 JPEG files shows Greenwich Park and the Olympic Park in clearer detail. These JPEG files can be downloaded using Dropbox. I have also provided a link to a gallery on my photographic web site which these JPEG files can be cut and pasted for non Dropbox users.

The route description is now solid and has been thoroughly tested by a colleague.

Stage 1 - Last visited November 2014 when the route through Kingston was enhanced to include a section through Kingston to visit the Historic Market Place and the Coronation Stone.

Stage 2 - Last visited October 2015 - Minor changes.

Stage 3 - Last visited August 5 2017 - Slight route change with different path after entering Hyde Park from Kensington. Also minor change to route description.

Stage 4 - Last visited July 20th 2017. Route changed by using subway from Green Park to Wellington Traffic Island instead of pedestrian crossings.

Stage 5 - Last visited April 8 2018.  Removal of diversion. Full access now from Viewtube to Olympic Park.

Stage 6 - Last visited April 8 2018.  Removal of diversion. Full access now from Viewtube to Olympic Park.

Notes Section

The notes section was updated during July 2017 which gave me another chance to review the history of the parks. Sections on Regents and Greenwich Park have been expanded. All links checked and updated/deleted as appropriate..


A slideshow was added in January 2015 and updated in October 2015. Initially this will be limited to 90 photos of the route. The number of photos may be causing a problem in loading time. I considered reducing the number to around 70 but I now think 90 is OK.

There is a problem with both the galleries and the slideshow in that any new photo can only be inserted at the end of a gallery which is not ideal as I want to show the photos in sequence. I will only update the slideshow once or twice a year. The route stage galleries will show the latest photos, eventually in the right order.

From October 2015 the track logs for the 6 sections have been available to be downloaded using Dropbox along with thr route descriptions and notes.

Other Walks

I have had a year off from my work on this website but I am now doing some more work. The Boston to Hammersmith route description has now be added. This is about 8 miles long but distances will be added together with a downloadable GPX file. A slideshow has now been added. Please enjoy!

2 new walks will be added in due course. A route description has been written for the Boston Manor to Hammersmith walk. Hopefully this together with a slideshow will be added by end 2018.

Osterley to Richmond is now scheduled in 2019.